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Toilet paper, rice and a healthier future

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Toilet paper, rice and a healthier future

On a day like this I realize once more how beautiful our world is. We sometimes complain about a cold, hay fever or back pain. In the end, it often resolves itself. We visit parties, go shopping, spend quality time with our family, enjoy working and we get good exercise. Actually we have nothing to complain about. It should be normal anyway:
– Helping someone who needs help.
– That you wash your hands when you start working with food, when your hands are dirty or when you have been to the toilet.
– That you keep an appropriate distance from the people around you.
– That you show respect for other people.

Unfortunately, we don’t. Not all of us wash our hands when working with food. We don’t wash our hands when we have worked and when we get off the toilet most of us forget. Even wiping the toilet seat is a NOT DONE for many. Last week I went shopping for a workshop. I was in the supermarket at 8:20 am it seemed like war. People pushed each other to get toilet paper, the bags of rice were pulled open on the floor, the freezer with chips and snacks was almost empty, and the eggs and milk had run out. Had I missed something? Was there war or … Now you only see what the coronavirus does to us. When we all have to join hands, almost everyone thinks ‘me first’. I’m ashamed. There is sufficient stock in the world where we live. There is always a shop open and there is always some food to prepare. When I see the news and read that the people who work in healthcare are standing in front of empty shelves in the store and have to settle for a frozen meal and use the napkins or handkerchiefs as toilet paper, I think to myself ‘what is wrong with us?’.

What can you do now

We actually have to go back in time. In the old days… (here I go again) we went to the doctor to stay healthy. Now we go to the doctor to get better. So you have to make sure you don’t get sick. Because if you take vitamin C when you are sick, it does not work.
My parents taught me to help older people. That I have to open the door for others and that I have to present my seat in public transport to people who find it difficult to stand. That’s where it starts again. Take care of yourself but also of the people around you. Help each other where necessary. For example, make a small meal for a senior who is alone. Or do some shopping for the needy or walk the dog from the neighbours. It is not too much to ask for, it is human.

Let’s have a look at what we eat. We can improve there.

If you adjust your diet, not only now because of the corona virus but also for your vitality in general, then it is good to get enough vitamins and minerals. Eat fiber and eat as pure as possible.

  • Regional and seasonal fruits and vegetables contain the most vitamins and minerals.
  • Apples, tomatoes, red onion, broccoli, raspberries and kale are high in quercetin, which makes it easier for your body to absorb vitamin C and it is also good for your heart and blood. In addition, various studies show that querentine is also histamine-inhibiting. As a result, you will have fewer allergic reactions.
  • Unsprayed fruits and vegetables contain salvestrols. Bitter vegetables such as Brussels sprouts and chicory contain a lot of this substance. Salvestrolen strengthens the immune system.
  • Do not drink the standard juices such as orange juice or apple juice. Take elderberry juice, black currants, raspberries or cherry juice. These all have less effect on your blood sugar level.
  • Garlic, yes garlic! It smells and when you cut it fresh your hands smell. However, garlic is a strong virus inhibitor. I do not say in advance that this inhibits the corona virus, but it is certainly healthy to eat. The rougher the garlic, the better it is.
  • Drink enough water and clean your bottle regularly. You don’t want to know how many bacteria are in a bottle that hasn’t been cleaned in a few days.
  • Finally, I was asked in the past week whether rinsing with water and ginger has an effect and that you cannot get the virus as a result. Unfortunately I am not a scientist and if the solution was so easy we wouldn’t have had that many problems. Ginger is healthy and contains many vitamins (B vitamins and vitamin C). Ginger also contains a lot of iron, magnesium and copper with zinc. But this only applies from 100 grams and you do not eat that easily. When you use ginger in meals or drink ginger tea, the ginger is heated and the nutritional values ​​decrease. In short, ginger is healthy but I don’t think this is the solution for the virus.

maart andre mosterd

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