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If you have a plan it will certainly work

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If you have a plan it will certainly work

Last month I received a phone call from a company that wanted to schedule a day of vitality just before the holidays. A few days later I visited this company and I spoke with the responsible people from the HR department. They had spent too little time on vitality this year and still wanted to do an activity for the holidays. During the conversation they found out for themselves that the chosen moment might not be right at all. The holidays, the end of the year, so much extra work pressure and just a stand alone activity … all reasons why it could not work.

Not everything works
Do you recognize this? You take 10,000 steps a day and you keep your diet properly. Your colleague has lost 5 kg with it, but no weight loss for to you. That’s because every person is different. Broadly speaking, we are the same, but if you have been sleeping less for a few hours a day or perhaps you are doing some more physically demanding work than another, this means that you have to learn a different pattern. Certainly when the results are no good and you become more desperate. No matter how well you try, it is ultimately a disappointment that prevails.

What you come up with and what you believe
If you have a plan in mind and believe in it, this is good. Ask yourself the question “is this realistic?” and “Do I have all the means to achieve this goal?” For example, you can say that you want to lose 10 kg or that you want to run the 5 km 2 minutes faster, you need the right guidance for every plan. After all, a wrong eating pattern or perhaps wrong training work can take you further away from your goal. The mindset is therefore important. What am I able to do? What do I want? How do i do it? You will then realize that small steps really make you achieve this goal.

Step by step towards sustainable vitality
The company I was speaking about… a super fun organization. There is a nice large fruit bowl in the lounge. In the first hour that I was allowed to sit together with the lady and gentleman, we took a step forward together. An organization can only become more vital if you ensure the right conditions. This year we are not going to do any activities, but behind the scenes we are going to work out a plan together that will map out the needs of the organization as well as the individuals within the organization. Workshops are given where everyone can retrieve their personal information and get started right away. Each employee is given the opportunity to work on an individual level to become more vital. Making your organization more vital starts with a strong personal ME!

Here and now
Sometimes we are very spontaneous in our thoughts, this is certainly not bad but is not always effective. As a result, you sometimes forget important factors that you need to achieve your goals. Whether it is a business strategy, personal goals or an out-of-the-box idea. If you define these goals well, something beautiful can always arise. It simply takes time to achieve something beautiful. HERE AND NOW is perhaps a good idea but it does not always lead to the desired result.

Warmly recommended for fans of this cold weather:

Puree with stir-fried celeriac and Brussels sprouts.

Take 200 grams of potatoes and 250 grams of vegetables per person

Step 1: Peel the potatoes and put them on the fire. Cook the potatoes as usual and make a fine puree *.
Step 2: Cut a cross in the bottom of the sprouts, bring water to the boil and as soon as the water boils you can let the sprouts boil for 10 minutes. Drain afterwards and drain well.
Step 3: Peel the celeriac and make small cubes (not too small), then rinse and season with curry. Now place a wok on the heat and add a little olive oil. Once it is warm, put the celeriac pieces in it and 5 minutes later the sprouts. Wok the whole until al dente.

 You can choose to mix everything together or you can serve it separately. When you eat homemade apple compote this is even more flavorful.

* puree is made with milk, egg and butter as standard. Only use some moisture from the potatoes and you will notice that this will work well.

André Mostard is a sports nutrition coach and has been active in the sports world for more than 30 years. André regularly writes a blog for ODS with practical tips to make you feel good! Sports nutrition coach André Mostard. Sportvoedingscoach André Mostard