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Twice a year we send the business newsletter with information about events such as the ODS Customer Day, intervisions and other networking opportunities that are interesting for companies.

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If you have a plan it will certainly work

If you have a plan it will certainly work Last month I received a phone call from a company that wanted to schedule a day of vitality just before the holidays. A few days later I visited this company and I spoke with the responsible people from the HR department. They had spent too little time on vitality this yea...
andre mostard banaan

Yellow and green

Yellow and green Recently I received the following question from an enthusiastic ODS blog reader. Hi André, I enjoy reading your blog every month. Recently I have been fanatically making oatmeal pancakes. My question is: which banana should I use and what is the difference between the green, yellow and brown bananas? ...
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Goodbye holiday pounds

Goodbye holiday pounds By André Mostard Outside it is 25 degrees and inside a Dutch municipality I made a stew (potatoes, onions and carrots) for refugees. This group of people gets an explanation about Dutch cuisine and I show that you can put a tasty “Dutch” meal on the table with simple means. Late...

Oatmeal is worth gold

Oatmeal is worth gold By André Mostard Nearly every week an article is published with the subject ‘oatmeal’. Also my clients see oatmeal appearing in their personal nutrition plan. Oatmeal is trendy, hip and stylish. But is oatmeal really this good? As a young athlete you may have a dream. Pl...
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How does your holiday start?

How does your holiday start? by Anniek Oost For many people the summer holidays are about to begin. And with it comes that familiar itch. Many of us are counting the days!  But before that, there is often still an enormous amount of work to do, which is a rather uninviting prospect. Most people want to catch up on...