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Twice a year we send the business newsletter with information about events such as the ODS Customer Day, intervisions and other networking opportunities that are interesting for companies.

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No one is perfect

Just to be fair; the holidays are the days when we eat something extra, right? That applies to most people and therefore also to me. I don’t like candy that much but during the holidays I can’t resist an extra piece of rabbit or enjoy a nice piece of old cheese.  Perseverance After the holida...

Blog: If you want to win, you need to know about tactics

At this time of the year everyone is working hard to get the best numbers for the annual overviews. Sending out the last big email and offers, but what is this all about? Why do we all stress in the last days of December? Wouldn’t it be better if there was an easier and less intensive to reach your goals? I...

Blog: Vital choices and bumps on the road ahead

Warm weather or heater on? Dark clothes or bright colors? Now that the leaves are falling from the trees and it gets dark early, we are all inside next to the heater. The warmth of a wood heater that instantly removes the smell of wet rain coats and foggy windows. The first flu epidemic is coming back and we s...

Blog: Vitality in fall

During the successful customer day of ODS, many people enjoyed the healthy delicacies that was served in the sun. Everything was all about being more vital, more conscious and especially simplicity. It does not have to be difficult to be more vital. At the moment of writing this blog it is 20 degrees and ...

A day filled with relaxation and wellness for just €15,-

Especially for ODS members: A day relaxing in warm thermal water at Thermae 2000 during the special ODS Wellness Week! Unwind at the summit of the Cauberg in the Valkenburg aan de Geul where wellness resort Thermae 2000 is hidden in the green. ODS members get a special offer at Thermae 2000. For only...