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manon blog november

Becoming calmer through proper breathing

Becoming calmer through proper breathing Have you ever been advised to take a deeper breath to calm yourself? It’s common advice, but focusing on deeper inhalation can make your anxiety worse. You can better focus your attention on the length and end of the exhalation. Try the breathing exercise below when you ar...

Carbohydrates, what should I do with it?

Carbohydrates, what should I do with it? In the past 3 weeks I have been asked about ten times whether avoiding carbohydrates helps with weight loss. Many people are fighting the Corona kilos! They often eliminate carbohydrates from the diet without knowing whether or not carbohydrates are useful in your body. If you s...

It’s now time to let go

It has been in the air for a while but we have been allowed to push it forward. The cooler days. After an intense period it is nice that we were able to enjoy the beautiful late summer sun a little more. This summer we can retain energy for a while by ensuring that we continue the same rhythm of the summer months. Bein...
andre blog september

Working from home is the new way of working?

Working from home is the new way of working? Out of sight In 2017 I was asked to give a presentation at Google FOOD Netherlands. The theme was “Making a healthy lifestyle more sustainable and dealing with stress”. When you see the results this has brought to the staff, I think many companies could be jealous o...
mealpreppen - ODS-Sport 2000-min

Meal prepping goes like this

Meal prepping goes like this You have probably heard of ‘meal prepping’. Meal prepping is: preparing your food at one day for the whole week. It is best known to bodybuilders. Cups with rice, broccoli and chicken fillet. If you take a look at Pinterest you will come across the most beautiful ...