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mealpreppen - ODS-Sport 2000-min

Meal prepping goes like this

Meal prepping goes like this You have probably heard of ‘meal prepping’. Meal prepping is: preparing your food at one day for the whole week. It is best known to bodybuilders. Cups with rice, broccoli and chicken fillet. If you take a look at Pinterest you will come across the most beautiful ...
tonijn met avocado

Balance in work, private life and food

Bring back the balance in work, private life and food Corona gives us unprecedented times. We are obliged to stay indoors. Only go outside when you have to. My mother is 82 years old. She only experienced this during the war. However, we would like to go outside. For fresh air, for a walk or just to do some s...
maart andre mosterd 2

Toilet paper, rice and a healthier future

Toilet paper, rice and a healthier future On a day like this I realize once more how beautiful our world is. We sometimes complain about a cold, hay fever or back pain. In the end, it often resolves itself. We visit parties, go shopping, spend quality time with our family, enjoy working and we get g...

Less meat, better quality or vegetarian

Less meat, better quality or vegetarian We are making good resolutions in the new year. We are now two, no, almost three months later and the question is: What have we done with it? More and more often you hear “less meat, more vegetarian”. Game Changers is currently running on Netflix and that gives y...
andre mosterd jan 2020

A new beginning

A new beginning The first weeks of the new year are already over. For some, 2020 is a new start and for the others, 2020 is just a year where you continue with the same habits as the years before. During the holidays you enjoyed a lot of food and drinks and you may have gained some weight or have a quenc...