As a member of ODS you can workout in the nearby at more then 100 sportprovider and you can participate in our yearly sports events. You can become a member if the company you work for (or as a pensioner), or where your partners works (or as a pensioner), is a partner of ODS.

Are you already a member and do you want to add your partner (living at the same home address) to your membership? Send an e-mail to and mention that the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Passport photograph
  • Preferred sport and sports provider

Membership Fee

You can get a membership with ODS starting from € 5,50 per month. For more information about membership fee, please take a look at our summary of sport and sportproviders.

Terms and conditions

The membership for a sports and/ or activity is a minimum of 12 month and after that there is a 1 months notice of 1 month. Payments are made monthly and is only possible through deduction on your salary of by direct debit. ODS is for:

Employees of the ODS affiliated companies

Individuals who subsequently to their employment with on of the affiliated companies of ODS are receiving a pension or a equivalent benefit.

  • Legal spouse of the employee or pensioner of one of the affiliated companies
  • Partner of the employee or pensioner in which the relation can be proved by presenting the following documents:
    • cohabitation agreement
  • Dependent children with a disability
  • Dependent children, following an education until the age of 21
  • If their education is not completed at the age of 21 there is the possibility to register for the remaining time for a student membership. For this we ask a copy of DUO (Dienst uitvoering Onderwijs) registration.


You can easy register digitally. Would you like to register multiple people? You can them add them all in the digital form. If you would like to receive the form in paper you can request them by clicking on the below button. During the digital registration process you also have to add a digital ID Photo.

Conditions ODS Photo
  • Please note that you have to add a clear ID photograph
  • If you scan the photograph please cut out the white edges
  • If its not possible for you to add the photograph please sent it to us by email
  • After you have registered you will receive an email. Please read this carefully because it can contain some action that you still have to take to complete your registration, such as sending and direct debit form.

Changes / unsubscribe

Changing or ending your subscription has to be done by post. For a cancellation, please take a month cancellation period into account.

Important: Send your ODS card in with the request. Without the card, we cannot process changes or cancellations. Send your request to:

Stichting ODS
Postbus 1199
6160 BD Geleen

We also have a digital form for changes. This form will send you an e-mail which you can print and send in to us by regular mail.