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Goodbye holiday pounds

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Goodbye holiday pounds

By André Mostard

Outside it is 25 degrees and inside a Dutch municipality I made a stew (potatoes, onions and carrots) for refugees. This group of people gets an explanation about Dutch cuisine and I show that you can put a tasty “Dutch” meal on the table with simple means.

Later that day I meet a lady who asks me; “I have just returned from vacation and my cholesterol has risen from 3.2 to 5.8. Help, what can I do?” The lady in question has just returned from 2 weeks all inclusive and has eaten and drank well. I answer that if you pick up your healthier diet from before the holiday, your score will be below 5 in 2 weeks. We immediately make an appointment to measure this.

But how do you get rid of those summer pounds?
The kilos that have gained during the holidays and that you would prefer to lose today. Your schedule and regularity is disrupted by the holidays. The tips below will certainly help you pick up the thread again.

Which tips help me to loose these annoying holiday pounds?
Don’t choose the emergency handle! Many people think that the miracle remedies that you find on the internet will get you the perfect body. Nothing is less true. You are going to lose weight by starving, but all you will loose is muscle mass. After that you will start eating normally again and you will gain twice as much weight. You have to find a diet that suits you. Take this into account with your work, efforts, possibilities and also your financial situation.

Do you like a cookie or do you like a glass of soda or alcohol? This diet contains many calories that are not good. In addition, the unhealthy things also contain a lot of sugars. So make sure that you reduce this or go skipping! This way you go to a healthier diet.

Water, water and water. I’ve said it so many times. By drinking water, your body will remove the waste from your body and fill your stomach. This will reduce your appetite for food. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between “I’m thirsty” and “I’m hungry.” Do not drink 1 liter at once. Your body must be able to handle it. Also do not drink too much water because then you will not only flush away the bad waste but also the good building materials.

You should never ignore hunger, but you must also not give in too quickly. The feeling “I am hungry” can stop by at any time of the day. The moment you see someone walking with something tasty, the moment you see an advertisement or when someone talks about food. Don’t give in too quickly, but postpone that moment with a 30-minute delay. You will notice that you will soon not be hungry. Eat 5 to 7 meals a day. This also has to do with your daily efforts and possibilities. Every person is different and unique.

About four years ago I wrote a piece in Wilfred Genee’s second book: “Is it filling or feeding?” My piece was about the new way of eating with the players of Roda JC. For ten years ago, large plates of pasta were served. Now we do not look at the quantity but at the content of a dish. I prefer 300 grams of good nutrients over 1000 grams of which there are only 200 grams of good nutrients. It is about the quality, not the quantity.

Do you go to work by car or by bike, do you take the stairs or the elevator? Just two aspects that you can determine yourself with. Exercise is good for your body and for your mind. This also gives you a better mindset to make a real effort.

“No” is also an answer. That’s hard, isn’t it? Have you ever said “no, thank you”? Give it a try when you are at a party and you see that nice big piece of cake. No thank you! In the beginning it is difficult but you get used to it quickly.

And how to proceed?
If you use the above tips creatively then I am sure that you will regain regularity. Your breakfast is tasty and healthy (maybe the overnight oatmeal) and you have more energy for the rest of the day.

Are you unable to find regularity? Then contact ODS-Sport. Then we look together at what a personal plan can do for you.

The next month I will let you know if the cholesterol value has worked.

André Mostard is a sports nutrition coach and has been active in the sports world for more than 30 years. André regularly writes a blog for ODS with practical tips to make you feel good!
Sportvoedingscoach André Mostard