ODS Autumn Walk 2017

October 15 2017, 10:00 - 17:00, n.t.b.

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About the routes

Slenaken and its surroundings is a very diverse and beautiful hiking area. In association with the hiking committee of “Wandelvereniging Vilt” we created three beautiful hikes:

  • 6 km (accessible for pushchair with wide tires)
  • 9 km (accessible for pushchair with wide tires or more adventurous option)
  • 12 km

All hikes start at the “Fanfarezaal Berg en Dal” in Slenaken and are loaded with beautiful scenery and picturesque villages. You’ll encounter various food stands where you can enjoy a snack or drink.

6 KM (accessible for pushchair with wide tires):
9 KM (accessible for pushchair with wide tires):
9 KM (adventurous option):
12 KM: