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Blog: Vital choices and bumps on the road ahead


Warm weather or heater on? Dark clothes or bright colors?

Now that the leaves are falling from the trees and it gets dark early, we are all inside next to the heater. The warmth of a wood heater that instantly removes the smell of wet rain coats and foggy windows. The first flu epidemic is coming back and we show up at work with a runny nose: the well-known autumn complaints are back.

Working on vitality or participate in a breakfast session

It is during these months that we think of cold weather and the holiday season, but that shouldn’t be all. There are also many organizations working on a vital 2019. We all have to work longer and we all want to live a healthier life. How to start? Here are a few suggestions: take part in the vitality check offered by your company and exercise a few times a week under professional supervision. Set a goal for yourself and also set a deadline. You can also join a breakfast session: have breakfast together and receive tips whith simple adjustments you can make to wake up healthy and fitter in the mornings and why eating breakfast is so important.

For most people the end of the year means making plans for another healthier and fitter 2019.

Last month I was a guest at an organization that puts vitality for employees first. Ofcourse, a part of this is for business self-interest, but it’s also about a (healthy) future for their employees.

No annoying checks or mandatory participation but a free choice for everyone. This was the core message: we want to offer you the opportunity to work on your own vitality and we do not want anything in return. If you want to participate, you only have to sign up and the rest will be handled outside the organization. A great offer that you shouldn’t turn down. Professional guidance, exercising under / before or after working hours and professional coaching. This is what everyone wants!

Soccer players and pink shirts

In these colder months (today only 15 degrees in the sun) you also see that people always wear dark clothes. No fresh summer colors but dark clothing. Why? We all feel that bright colors don’t suit the cold months. Now I have been connected with the professional football organization Roda JC from Kerkrade for 11 years. The players who have been with Roda JC in recent years came from everywhere around the world. Belgium, Poland but also Hungary and Australia. One of the players favorite color was pink. He always ran in pink sportswear. A T-shirt, a cap, a polo or a shirt. That made him not only unique but also separate from the rest. He did not behave differently but just stayed himself, whilst his other teammates exchanged the fresh summer colors against the gray winter colors.

In other words: because he did not adapt to the rest, he was unique in his personality and he felt the best. If you want to change something about yourself, don’t look at what the rest is doing. After all, we are just herd animals. If you do what the rest does, then there is no ‘you” . If you make the choice for yourself to become fitter and more vital in 2019 with a pink shirt, then go for it. Don’t be held back by the people who see bumps on the road ahead. Any bumps you encounter are there to learn from, in the end you will overcome them.

Heater on and Vitamin B2

If you have the (wood) heater on these months, make sure that there is also a window open or that there is a bowl of water nearby. Because of the heat you quickly get dry air which can cause a headache or fatigue. This dry air also has a consequence for your mucous membranes and your eyes. These dry out faster and therefore you can also get ill faster.

Do you want to eat tasty and healthy food, try autumn and winter vegetables. Kale contains a lot of iron, which is good for blood cells (absorption of oxygen) and gives you more energy. Did you try the quinoa recipe last summer? It is full of proteins, fibers and minerals but also vitamin B2, which is good for your energy arrow and a number of good antioxidants.

Are you a vegan and do you exercise more than 10 hours a week? Then I would like it if we can make an appointment.

André Mostard is a Sport Nutrition Coach and has been active in the sports world for more than 30 years. André regularly writes an article for ODS with good practical tips to make you feel good!
Sports nutrition coach André Mostard