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Blog: Vitality in fall


During the successful customer day of ODS, many people enjoyed the healthy delicacies that was served in the sun. Everything was all about being more vital, more conscious and especially simplicity. It does not have to be difficult to be more vital.

At the moment of writing this blog it is 20 degrees and the sun is shining. For the entire 2nd week of October the weather forecast is around 22 degrees. Isn’t it crazy? But autumn is really coming, the leaves are already falling from the trees and the fireplace is going on in the evening. Autumn is immediately a pitfall for many people.

On the sofa under the blanket with a cheese platter on the table. We always have an excuse to not go to work by bike. Thick sweaters that hide the extra summer kilos or the thick winter coat that completely covers your skin. Do not let your health be affected by the weather but instead look ahead. Sitting on the couch is certainly not possible with hot chocolate milk: grab a cup of fresh herbal tea. Star anise and rooibos are great alternatives. Let’s ensure that together you can achieve the goal. In 2019 we start fit, not just starting to get fit.

Keep moving. We all say we do, but we don’t. We take the car more often and leave the bicycle at home in a colder period. The fresh air does wonders, movement provides better blood circulation and also gives a healthy stimulus to your brain.

Choose consciously. The month of December is the month of the holidays, eats with a boost. Provide unprocessed food. Do not eat from packages, do not eat tomato sauce from a jar or a canned soup. No, the fresh products provide a boost in your body. Drinking water and fresh herbal tea provide many vitamins and minerals. This keeps your physical resistance high and you are less susceptible to a flu. Cinnamon and fresh garlic also contribute to a more vital ‘you’.

Red, yellow and green are the colors of carnival. Red, yellow and orange of autumn. These beautiful bright colors are also the nutritious colors. The more color there is in your food, the more vital your body becomes.

Vegetables – fruits from the season and the region. Have you ever eaten strawberry in January? Then you already know that this has a color of the strawberry but does not have the taste of the strawberry. Therefore choose the vegetables and fruits from the season. Cabbages, parsnips, carrots, potatoes, apples and pears: just a few vegetables and fruit from these months. These fruits and vegetables provide an increased vitamin A and C and your body will really need it. There are plenty of local farmers who offer their fruit and vegetables affordable.

Take a break. We live in a 24/7 time, everything has to be quick and easy, but take a break now, go for a nice evening for yourself. Go and read a nice book or puzzle. An hour earlier to bed or a yoga class really does wonders.

For the food lovers, I made a recipe for the new Lyric pumpkin. I’m curious who will make it and what you think of it. Why wait until tomorrow if you can start today?

André Mostard is a Sport Nutrition Coach and has been active in the sports world for more than 30 years. André regularly writes an article for ODS with good practical tips to make you feel good!
Sports nutrition coach André Mostard