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Blog: If you want to win, you need to know about tactics


At this time of the year everyone is working hard to get the best numbers for the annual overviews. Sending out the last big email and offers, but what is this all about? Why do we all stress in the last days of December? Wouldn’t it be better if there was an easier and less intensive to reach your goals? I’m not talking about a lazy approach…

Work, work and more work
We live in a 24-hour economy. We expect that the items you order online tonight will be delivered to us tomorrow. If we send out an email we expect an immediate answer. When we send a message via Whatsapp and the blue checkmark appears we also expect people to respond at once. It is embedded in our society and it it only getting worse.

Is it true that you have to work very hard to achieve your goal or can it be done differently? I have picked up playing korfball again since 2 years. During the time I played in the first team myself, I had 2 days of korfball training, 2 days of weight training and a competition at the end of the week. Everything had to make way for my sport. As a team we had only one goal: to compete for the championship every year.

As I said, I am now coaching a team in the 2nd season. It’s 11 years later and the approach of most young talents is different today. They have many obligations next to korfball. They train well but are also beat up. I changed that approach within a few weeks. We don’t just train hard and surpass ourselves. No, we are training adequately and ensure that we are always ahead of our opponents. That has led to our team becoming champion in the first year. You can train very hard as an individual, but ultimately it is all about the team working together for the best result.

Set goals
If you have a goal in mind, that’s nice. You can always adjust your goal but you can also go ahead and achieve that goal. Be realistic and set some boundaries. The goal is feasible in the long term, but not a focus for now. It’s about the results that you achieve in between your goals.

Write it down
When you do your grocery shopping and you walk through the supermarket looking dazed, you often bring home a lot of things that aren’t necessary at all. That’s unfortunate, because those foods disappear in the refrigerator and are thrown away later that week. When you have a goal in mind, it is best to write it down. This way you gain insight into the goal(s) you want to achieve. Don’t forget to write a time period next to your goal to make sure you can achieve it. If you look back at your note, you will know what to do. This will be the stimulus for your brain.

My goal is for myself, not for others
In mid-November a lady came to see me who wanted to lose weight but also had concerns about irritable bowel syndrome: she could not do everything she wanted. Together we sat around the table and set out a strategy to achieve her personal goal. More energy and a lower fat percentage were desirable and achievable with help of this strategy. Everything is feasible if you are 100% in for it. Don’t be disappointed if the changes in your body are not immediately visible. Together we wrote down the goal and we started working at it. In addition to motivation, perseverance is an important factor in this process. Her success was visible in less than a month: 2.1 kg lost in fat and a fit physique and stronger mindset.

If you make a feasible plan together with your coach, your mindset will be stimulated to help achieve that goal.


Every road is different
A lot of work is being done on the Buitenring in Parkstad. For most residents this is a relief since the traffic no longer goes through the villages, but for others it’s also a big concern. A large sound barrier in the back of your garden is not much of an enjoyable sight. What I’m trying to say with this example: Next to a clear goal, it’s also important to choose the right path. Do you want top quality and are you willing to do a lot for it, or do you choose quantity and don’t put in too much effort? If you know how much energy you have to put into the new path, you can set your focus on that.

Work hard or work constructively?
About 4 weeks ago I started playing korfball again. 11 years ago I purposely made the choice to quit, since I could not train with 100% attention anymore. Due to multiple injuries from others within the club, the feeling of playing korfball crept up on me again and I started playing. From a total of three matches I had two wins and one draw. I don’t have the ability to keep up with the youngsters in the field, but through experience, running the lines and shooting with the ball to score, I make an average of 5 goals per game.

It’s not about speed or hard work: but playing smart and being constructive about your ways to achieve your goal. Set your goal so that you listen to yourself and your surroundings and go with your gut feeling. Going forward and making a few mistakes is better than just standing still.

2019 will be a great year for everyone. Whether it is business or private. There will be setbacks, but many beautiful things will also come your way. Don’t let yourself be sulked, but be smarter than your opponent and work with your fellow players on the final goal.

I wish you all happy holidays and a healthy 2019!

Here is a delicious recipe of a homemade ragout (nice old-fashioned recipe)… 😊

André Mostard is a Sport Nutrition Coach and has been active in the sports world for more than 30 years. André regularly writes an article for ODS with good practical tips to make you feel good!
Sports nutrition coach André Mostard